Are you thinking about getting fit? And are you searching for the best idea to get fit as soon as possible? If you are. Then what if we tell you that you can get fit in just 30 days. Yes, you read it right. We will notify you of some best Fitness ideas to make you fit in just 30 days.

Fitness Ideas That Make You Fit In Just 30 Days

It sounds unrealistic to get fit in 30 days for an obese person, but it is not impossible.  But many people have made it real with their efforts. We are here with the fitness ideas for 2022.

We are sure that you will become fit after reading the four-week guide.

Guide – week 01

This is week 1; we suggest you not exert yourself in work out. We suggest you follow the guide carefully—complete workout 1 on Monday.


Complete this routine on Monday. Complete all the below-mentioned exercises for 30 seconds at a time. You have to do 10 minutes of workout in the first week

Bicycle Crunch

Lie on the back with the knee bent to 90 degrees and hand on the eyes.  Now, extend the left knee towards the ground and the right elbow across the right knee. Repeat it on opposite sides.

Toe Tap

Keep yourself in the running. Position with arm in running status. Now tap each foot on the top of a step. Repeat it as fast as possible.

Mountain Climber

Take the position of the plank, lift the left toe toward the floor and bring the left knee towards the chest. Repeat it on opposite sides of the leg.

Back Squat

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder apart. Bend your hip at 90 degrees with your chest upright. Now, come back to the previous position and repeat it.

Spider Plank

Keep on plank position with the arm bent, lift your left toe and raise your left elbow apart. Repeat it once with the right side.

Forward Lunge

Keep your hands on your head; now, step forward your left leg. Now, bend your right leg at 90° to lower your hips. Push your heal to return to the starting point. Repeat it with the left leg.


You have to do some warm-up exercises like jogging for 20 minutes. Then you have to follow the rules of plank and side plank.


You have to do the following workout exercise at 30 seconds each-

Dead Bug

You have to lie down on your back with bent legs at 90° and straight legs, slowly lie down one leg toward the floor and one towards the head. Repeat it with another side of your leg and hand.

Toe Tap

Repeat the toe tap exercise that was done on Monday.

Jump Squat

Stand with your shoulder apart, toes pointing towards, and lower hips with bend knees up to 90°. With this position, jump up and come down on both feet and repeat this.


Choose your cardiac exercise and do it for 30 seconds, almost as hard as you can. Now, do a normal plank and side plank.


On the last day of the week, you have to do a stretching exercise or yoga, or pilates class.

Wednesday and Sunday will be rest days for all four weeks as rest is as vital as the workout for the body.

Guide – Week 02

In the second week, increase the time and effort to all exercises. You have to do 20 minutes of workout this week. You have to repeat 2 times all exercises of week 1 and 20 minutes of cardiac exercise.

Guide – Week 3

The schedule of week 3 is also similar to week 1. The workout of this week will be 30 minutes. You have to repeat the exercise of Monday, Thursday, and Saturday three times. On Friday, you have to do cardiac exercise for 30 seconds and both planks.

Guide – Week 4

The workout time of this week will be 40 minutes. You have to repeat four times all exercises of week 1. You have to do cardiac exercise for 40 minutes this week on Tuesday and Friday.


We hope that you will gain profit after following this guide. We are sure that you will notice some fitness changes in yourself. Let us know about your changes after following this guide.

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