Online advertising is one of the most talked-about marketing activities on the whole Internet in recent times. There are countless different types of online advertising that you can choose from. Some of these ads target specific products and services, while others are designed to generate sales. There are also ad formats specifically designed to fit your needs, from banner advertisements to flash-based ads. This blog will give you in-depth knowledge about the format of online ads.

Online ads have always been around, but their annual growth has been the most significant growth of any advertising medium. With digital media’s ability to reach a more diverse audience, more advertising formats, and new digital advertising platforms, advertisers are taking the competition to the next level.

Most Popular Formats of Online Advertising

Online advertising is enormous. It was the most popular form of marketing from the beginning of the internet era, and it’s still growing. There are many different formats for online ads. The following are formats of online advertising:

Banner Ad

A banner ad contains a banner that includes short text or graphics to promote a product or a company. A banner ad is a part of the webpage and provides a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website. They are widely available, including size, design, and functions. You will find them on a news website, blog, and specialized web community website. These banner ads include information about a product or service that can persuade buyers to buy a product or service.

Many websites brokerage their ad space with ads exchange like Google display network or buy the ad space similarly like a newspaper ad. Banner ads allow a user to visit the advertiser’s website with a simple click on the banner ad.

Interstitial Ads

You might notice an advertisement while opening a new link or windows; if yes, the same ad is known as an Interstitial ad that appears on a web page till the page completes loading. Most interstitial ads close automatically, allowing the intended page to open.

Pop-Up Ad

Pop-up ads are also known as annoying ads as they appear when the users open a web page or think to close the same. The inbuilt settings of the browser can block pop-up ads.

Banner Swapping

Banner swapping involves the agreement of two site owners to exchange their ads. In this format, a company will agree to display the banner ad of company B on its website. At the same time, company B will also agree to do the same.

Email Ads

Email advertising, also known as email marketing, involves sending advertising emails to the targeted audience. Email marketing has numerous advantages, including massive reach, remarkable educating audience, real-time tracking, etc.


Selling products and services via online ads is perfectly fine. However, when selling several hundred ads a month, you need to consider your advertising format. The most popular format of ads is the banner and pop-under, but others work well too. You have covered the most important online ad formats in this article. There are several other formats, including in-app ads, YouTube ads, and more online ads.

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